North Hollywood


Welcome to North Hollywood

Hollywood is one of the most vibrant and exciting parts of Los Angeles.
Hollywood is home to fantastic restaurants, hotels, nightlife, and shopping. Its creative energy is palpable throughout the entire neighborhood, which has become a destination for modern furniture and decor. With no shortage of things to do in Hollywood, it’s a popular place for both tourists and locals to visit.

The Neighbors

A grab bag of creatives, young professionals, and celebrities.
While Hollywood draws its share of out-of-towners, the locals represent an equally diverse crowd. Dynamic nightlife and entertainment generate a palpable energy that courses through the community.

What to Expect

Beautiful old hotels, hikes, and live music venues.
Hollywood is home to many of Los Angeles’ most iconic hotels, music venues, and comedy clubs. When residents crave fresh air, nearby Runyon Canyon is one of the city’s most beautiful hikes.

The Lifestyle

Hip, dynamic, and late to bed.
The Hollywood experience is a melting pot of traditions, whether it’s innovative vegan food, couture fashion, or street art and statues. This is not a neighborhood populated by the faint of heart, so arrive ready for excitement.

Unexpected Appeal

Plentiful arts and culture exposure.
Creative people flock to Hollywood, not only for its ample club and bar offerings, but also for its hopping art scene.

The Market

Low-rise apartments and unique single-family homes.
In addition to the numerous housing complexes dotting the neighborhood, beautifully architectural houses line its side streets.

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